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June 15, 2017 08:04 PM PDT

On a eerie and superior episode of After Hours AM/America’s Most Haunted Radio — with hosts Joel Sturgis and Eric Olsen — we welcome author and folklorist Charles Cassady Jr. to talk PARANORMAL GREAT LAKES, CLEVELAND GHOSTS and other spooky Midwestern topics. We talk with Charles Top of hour 2; Hour 1 Joel and Eric survey the week’s most beguiling paranormal news and talk about how hot it is all of a sudden.
PARANORMAL GREAT LAKES is a rollicking A-to-Z listing of extraordinary, supernatural, paranormal, and inexplicable phenomena on the American Great Lakes. These five majestic freshwater seas—Lakes Superior, Huron, Erie, Michigan and Ontario—have hosted a treasure-trove of fantastic sailors’ tales, mysteries, and legends. Here abide the long-standing rumors, myths and lore about mermaids, ghost ships, lake monsters, UFOs, USOs, vortices and triangles, Flying Dutchmen, wendigos, spook lights, haunted lighthouses, headless apparitions, melancholy mist-maidens, curses, talismans, thunderbirds, and sorcerers.
Charles Cassady Jr
At a young and foolish age, Cleveland native Charles Cassady Jr. underwent a ritual apprenticeship as a disciple of Dark Forces, to attain prestige and power. But something went wrong.
Instead he found himself a twisted outcast. Banished by men. Shunned by women. Driven from those happy places of joy, love, warmth and light. Now sustained only by an unquenchable thirst for revenge, Charles Cassady dwells in shadow realms as a foul, malformed and tortured wretch.
…In other words, a fairly typical unemployed Journalism graduate. The Syracuse University alumnus’ writings, ink-pen renderings and photographs have appeared in the the Heartlands Today book series, from Bottom Dog Press, as well as the Cleveland Free Times, Scene, West Life News and the Morning Journal of Lorain.
He furthermore contributed detailed adjudication of alternate realities and parallel universes (fancy talk for he was a film critic) to TV Guide Online, the Cleveland Movie Blog, Video Librarian, the Cinebooks Motion Picture Guide and the VideoHound and Speelfilmencyclopedie book families.
He lurks in the Cleveland-Akron notch of the Rust Belt.He is author of PARANORMAL GREAT LAKES, GREAT LAKES FOLKLORE, CLEVELAND GHOSTS, PARANORMAL MISSISSIPPI RIVER, and the forthcoming CRESCENT CITY CRIMES.

June 08, 2017 08:04 PM PDT

On an illuminating and revealing episode of After Hours AM/America’s Most Haunted Radio — with hosts Joel Sturgis and Eric Olsen — we discover THE PAST LIFE PERSPECTIVE with author and past life therapist Ann C. Barham. We speak with Ann Hour 2; Hour 1 Joel and Eric dig into the week’s freakiest paranormal news and try to figure out what’s up.
Many people accept the principle of reincarnation — that we are eternal beings, animating many different human bodies and personalities across the ages – but many do not realize the profound, complex, and subtle ways that our past life experiences impact our current life and personality. With the rapid and dramatically effective approach known as past life therapy, clients retrieve their own memories of their prior lifetimes with the help of a professional psychotherapist. By unearthing and processing the memories, we release the experiences that are blocking effectiveness in the current life, as well as reinforce the talents and lessons carried forward from prior personalities.
Ann C. Barham’s recently released book, The Past Life Perspective: Discovering Your True Nature Across Multiple Lifetimes, details sixteen years of Barham’s experience with past life regression therapy. By opening the files of her most fascinating and insightful client sessions, Barham demystifies past life therapy with a practical, down-to-earth approach. Sharing arresting tales from actual clients, readers are invited in to see how traumatic and pivotal experiences from past lives seldom stay in the past but continue to affect our actions, emotions, health, and relationships now.

Five Things to Know About Past Regression Therapy
1. You don’t necessarily need to believe in reincarnation and past lives to benefit from past life therapy; the stories that come up can be seen as powerful metaphors for what you’re facing in your current life. By working therapeutically with these stories, we can rapidly resolve enduring issues.
2. Past life therapy is quick and enduring. We often resolve long-standing issues that have resisted more conventional approaches, sometime including years of conventional therapy. Since we are working at a deep level, the changes usually are permanent.
3. We are often able to access levels of spiritual guidance that are difficult even for the experienced meditator to access on their own. Many people come away having lost their fear of death, having connected with loved ones who have passed, and having had a deeply felt experience of their eternal existence – similar to having a near death experience (NDE).
4. An increase in acceptance and tolerance of those different than ourselves. As more people embrace the possibility of having lived prior lives as very different personalities, holding different political and religious beliefs, being different races, nationalities, gender and sexual orientation than we might be now, we can increase our acceptance and tolerance of those different than ourselves, encouraging us to embrace and celebrate our diversity.
5. By connecting to our personalities from prior lifetimes, we can often bring forward talents and abilities we have developed in the past. We can actually connect with a prior self that can mentor us in handling issues in our current life, e.g., a prior personality who was very effective in business may help us with a current management problem.

June 07, 2017 08:02 PM PDT

In a lurid, fascinating episode of After Hours AM/The Criminal Code Radio — with hosts Joel Sturgis, Eric Olsen, and secret weapon, forensic psychologist Dr. Clarissa Cole — we investigate the heinous early-20th century crimes of sexual predator and murderer Gordon Northcott with author and historian David Culczyk. We speak with David Top of Hour 2; at Hour 1 Clarissa leads us through the week’s most titillating True Crime news.
Gordon Northcott was born in November of 1906 in Saskatchewan, Canada to parents Sarah Louise and Cyrus George, and raised in British Columbia. Not much is popularly known about the young Gordon Northcott, but it was said that he had “three-inch long hair all over his body” – thus earning him the nickname “The Ape Man/Boy” in the press years later.
Regardless of this claim, it was clear that Northcott had a troubled youth. His nephew Sanford Clark later recalled that Gordon had been censured for a string of dubious behavior and unemployment in Canada, which eventually led to his parents purchasing a chicken ranch for him near Riverside, California – ostensibly to keep him out of trouble and give him something worthwhile to do.
In 1926, the 19-year-old Gordon Northcott moved permanently to the ranch, and invited his 13-year-old nephew (who was small for his age), to come with him for a time. Sanford was excited to go at first, and Northcott’s sister and husband agreed to the arrangement. It was thought that Sanford would gain some valuable life experience working on the ranch, and that he would attend school in the US.
This, however, was not to be.
Almost immediately after arriving, Sanford was brutally raped and beaten by his uncle. And, this pattern continued every few nights for months. The only time it would let up was when Northcott had found himself another victim.
Gordon Northcott murder farm
At first Northcott merely coaxed boys out to the ranch with the promise of a day’s wage for helping out. Once he got them there, he assaulted them, and then drove them back toward town. Northcott reportedly also offered these victims to “wealthy pedophiles” from nearby Los Angeles to prey on from time to time.
All of this was horrible enough, but things took an even more diabolical twist when Northcott showed up with an unknown Hispanic teen one day. Northcott then proceeded to lock the boy up in the chicken coop (as he often did with Sanford), letting him out only to rape him, for a full week. After that, he murdered the teen with an axe and decapitated him. Poor Sanford was forced to help conceal the crime by burning the skull in an outdoor oven while Northcott poured quicklime over the rest of the body and spread the bones.
To make matters far worse, Northcott’s deranged mother, Sarah Louise, saw no ill in her son. Everything he did was perfect to her – despite any and all evidence to the contrary.
By 1928, Sarah had even committed murder for Gordon.
Luckily, Sanford’s mother (Northcott’s sister) became suspicious of the letters she was getting from him telling her that everything was wonderful at the ranch. After two years, she simply had to see for herself what was happening. She traveled to Wineville and it was then that Sanford told her of his uncle’s crimes. Sarah reported Northcott, and after a convoluted series of events, he was finally detained and tried.
What happened next? Listen to the program to find out, and click over to Clarissa’s site for more details and her psych profile of Northcott, whose tale is also told in David Kulczyk’s DEATH IN CALIFORNIA.
David KulczykDavid Kulczyk
David Kulczyk (“Coal-check”) is a California historian who specializes in crime and odd deaths in the Golden State. He is the author four books; California Justice, Death in California, California’s Fruits, Flakes and Nuts and California’s Deadliest Women. His weekly podcast is Death In California. Kulczyk was born in Bay City, Michigan, in 1958, and grew up in nearby Linwood. He spent his twenties as a musician, his thirties as a bike messenger, his forties making money, and his fifties writing books. David was Associate Editor at Maximum Ink Music Magazine from 1999 to 2007 and his work has appeared in The SF Guardian, The East Bay Express, Madison Magazine, Pop Culture Press, the Seattle Times, and the Sacramento News and Review. He lives in Sacramento.

June 01, 2017 08:20 PM PDT

On an illuminating and penetrating edition of After Hours AM/America’s Most Haunted Radio — with hosts Joel Sturgis and Eric Olsen — we explore THE SECRET NATURE OF MATTER with author/energy healer Richard Gordon, the creator of the Quantum-Touch healing technique. We speak with Richard at Top of Hour 2; at Hour 1 Joel and Eric survey the week’s most mesmerizing paranormal news. !!!PLUS PODCAST ONLY BOOK GIVE AWAY!!!
THE SECRET NATURE OF MATTER (June 5th, North Atlantic Books)
Richard Gordon maps out new territory in the rarely explored intersection of science and spirituality in this fascinating investigation of the profound relationship between matter and consciousness. Building on the Quantum-Touch technique he developed in previous books, Gordon explains how the hands-on energy healing technique that he uses to help to alleviate nerve pain, headaches, back pain, hip pain, TMJ, and more provides a unique window onto the secret nature of matter. He explains how, by examining pelvic and occipital torsion — and then aligning people without the use of touch or suggestion — he is able to run a wide range of simple experiments that challenge many dogmas of science. This book teaches readers the technique along with 57 easy-to-reproduce experiments that allow them to test the results. These experiments clearly demonstrate that our consciousness can profoundly influence matter, and that an object charged with energy and intent can dramatically affect us physiologically in seconds.
Do our thoughts affect the outer world?
Most people believe that our thoughts have absolutely no effect or inluence on matter. And anyone believing otherwise is often accused of using “magical thinking”. Children seem to innately believe in magic, whereas adults are taught to be practical and realistic. Adults who still believe in such things are widely considered to be out of touch, or idealistic new-age dreamers. What actually happens when we project our thoughts, feelings and energy? Is it all in our head, or is there something more going on?
This begs the bigger question: What is consciousness? The mystery of consciousness has baffled and intrigued philosophers, mystics, and scientists for centuries. Consciousness is a most puzzling thing. Is it simply a byproduct of highly complex brain activity, or is it something more? How can we explore consciousness with our own consciousness? Perhaps this question is a bit like the proverbial snake eating its own tail.
Without telescopes, we would never know about galaxies. Without microscopes, we would never know about microbes. Without the double slit experiment, we would never know about quantum physics, and that light acts like both a particle and a wave. These tools have allowed us to make the invisible visible.
I’ve recently found a most surprising way to make the invisible visible in order to examine the secret and hidden nature of matter and of mind. is is not mere philosophical speculation or frivolous self-deception. I’ve discovered a direct way to reveal a tangible and profound interaction between our minds and the material world around us.
As I’ll explain later, it is now possible to visibly demonstrate that ordinary objects can actually hold enough mind-directed energy- information to have an obvious and easily measured physical effect on the body.
A couple of professional magicians who observed me demonstrate this have confided to me in astonished tones, “Richard, this is real magic.” From their point of view, it certainly would appear like real magic since I showed them something that by all standards is “impossible” with no setup, trickery, deception, or misdirection. However, from my vantage point, we are looking at basic natural human abilities that can easily blow the mind of skeptics and materialistic scientists.
For the past three hundred years, the overwhelming majority of scientists have been thoroughly convinced that the mind is connected to the brain, that psychic abilities don’t exist, and that there is no such thing as energy healing. That is the standard world view. From that perspective, it makes sense to ignore the subject. After all, why investigate something after you have already assumed that it cannot possibly exist?
In this book, I’ll outline a series of real experiments with visible and empirically undeniable results. These experiments clearly demonstrate that our consciousness can profoundly influence matter, and that an object charged with energy and intent can dramatically affect us physiologically in seconds. What’s more, I’ll teach you how to do this so you can test everything in this book for yourself! You be the judge.
I believe that I’ve opened a most unlikely door and entered a new world of extraordinary discoveries. From my perspective, I’ve begun an amazing journey, but have only made it outside as far as the mailbox. There are countless epiphanies yet to encounter. And I fully expect that other explorers will be there, with me and after me, flashlights and notebooks in hand, to carefully map this territory.
Come with me if you dare, and be prepared to be astounded. Please leave your assumptions at the door, and be willing to see what is there before us. e implications of this are vast. at which has been invisible shall be made visible.
Richard Gordon
Richard Gordon
Richard Gordon is recognized as one of the pioneers in the field of energy healing. He has been developing new healing techniques that are powerful yet simple and easy to learn, teaching them in workshops worldwide, and making them accessible to everyone in books since the mid-1970s. Today, as the founder of Quantum-Touch, Richard is an internationally acclaimed speaker at conferences, medical centers, chiropractic colleges, and holistic health institutes. He has been on faculty at Heartwood Institute and The Holistic Health Institute. His worldwide Quantum-Touch workshops sell out quickly, and his original Quantum-Touch video workshop is now available online at QuantumTouch.com. He actively posts videos of amazing Quantum-Touch healing stories and demonstrations on the YouTube/QuantumTouch channel.

May 25, 2017 07:51 PM PDT

On a festive but spooky edition of After Hours AM/America’s Most Haunted Radio — with hosts Joel Sturgis and Eric Olsen — we talk Nevada ghost town Gold Point’s annual Memorial Day Weekend paranormal extravaganza with Josh Cushman of Dinner With a Ghost. We talk with John at Top of hour 2; In hour 1.Joel and Eric review the week’s most beguiling paranormal news and banter amusingly.
Dinner with a Ghost is a movable feast that always circles back to the historic ghost town of Gold Point, Nevada, for a ripping Memorial Day Weekend of food, ghosts, live music, camping, salooning, wide open vistas, and a dazzling night sky. Gold Point is, shall we say, isolated, baking cheerfully in the desert about 180 miles northwest of Las Vegas, not far from the California border. In addition to the Gold Point weekend, additional DWAG events include the Redd Foxx home in Las Vegas, June 2,3; the Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings, Nevada, June 9, 10.Dinner With a Ghost With a Ghost alchemically blends history, fine dining, and paranormal investigation into a night of anticipation and wonderment unlike any other. The Dinner With a Ghost experience is uniquely satisfying because it fully engages the body, mind, and spirit through a multi-course gourmet meal, riveting presentation on the history and key personalities of the host location, and warm engagement with any spirits on hand. In fact, Dinner With a Ghost is so solicitous of spirit sensibilities that a place of honor is always set for them at the head of the dining table.
That table is always the fulcrum of the event, brought to life with fine china and crystal place settings, theatrical lighting, and dramatic rock crystal centerpieces. On the paranormal front, a full complement of digital audio recorders, alarms, REM-pods, motion detectors, K-2 Meters, DVR cameras, and a laser grid is poised to measure and record activity, with special attention given to the spirit place setting.
Gold Point Ghost Town
The history of Gold Point hearkens back to “Lime Point,” a ragged silver mining tent city clustered around a limestone outcropping in the late-1860s. That assemblage soon blew away with the dry desert wind. About ten years later higher grade silver was discovered and mining resumed, with water, supplies, and milling available in the new town of Lida, nearby. But it was still an expensive struggle to haul the ore to Lida and once again the nascent town of Lime Point slipped away.
At the turn of the century new deposits of silver ore were discovered throughout the area, bringing a surge of 40,000 people, with some of them drifting back to the old mining operation at Lime Point. In 1905 high grade silver ore was discovered and the Great Western Mine began operations about a half-mile from Lime Point, bringing in a rush of hopefuls to the new town of Hornsilver. At its peak in 1908, Hornsilver boasted a population of 1,000, with over 225 wood-framed buildings, tents, and shacks around town, including 13 saloons. With all kinds of turmoil and litigation over claim jumping, operations waxed and waned until 1927 when gold was discovered in the Great Western Mine, which led to a town name change to Gold Point because the only thing better than silver is gold.
Dinner with a Ghost HornsilverJune1908
WWII interrupted mining, which resumed after the war on a modest scale into the 1960s when a dynamite accident blew up more than anyone was willing to rebuild, and that was that for the mining operation. The town would have blown away — again — also, if it weren’t for the ministrations of Ora Mae Wiley, who had come to town around 1930 from Georgia to have a little look see. She met her future husband, Senator Harry Wiley, one of the founding fathers of Hornsilver, and stayed until her death, at the age of 83 in 1980. The couple operated a little general store and a Standard gas station, and Ora Mae was Postmistress of Gold Point from 1940 to 1964.
There are now about 10 residents of Gold Point and restoration of some of the old buildings has been going on since the late 1970 – two museums are available to the public on most weekends. And Dinner with a Ghost every Memorial Day Weekend.
Gold Point Dinner With a Ghost
Dinner With a Ghost – Presidents and Kings Tour
After ten years of development and perfection of the model through hard-won experience at events throughout the Southwest, we are ready to take Dinner With a Ghost on the road and deep into the heart of American history with the Presidents and Kings Tour.
We will present the DWAG experience at historic landmarks and homes associated with American presidents including Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, James Madison, James Monroe, Harry Truman, Woodrow Wilson, William Henry Harrison, James Buchanan, Millard Fillmore, in addition to Confederate States of America president Jefferson Davis and Republic of Texas president Sam Houston. On the “kingly” side of the ledger we have Elvis Presley, Martin Luther King, Michael Jackson, B.B. King, Davy Crockett, and many others in the offing.
The Presidents and Kings Tour is planned to begin in March, 2018, and work its way across the southern tier of the nation through the spring before circling up the East Coast and back across the northern tier. We will carefully tailor the historical presentation, atmosphere, and even period costuming to make each event on the tour visually and historically compelling, as well as amenable to spirit interaction.
The tour will be recorded for TV presentation, either in episodic or documentary film form, and will appeal to viewers from a visual, historical, travel, storytelling, and paranormal investigation standpoint.
The tour will be marketed nationally via paranormal media, social media, and sponsorship/partnership; and in each market via local media, world of mouth, grass roots networking, and cooperation with the venue.

May 24, 2017 07:54 PM PDT

On a compelling and emotionally charged edition of After Hours AM/The Criminal Code Radio — True Crime with hosts Joel Sturgis, Eric Olsen, and secret weapon, forensic psychologist Dr. Clarissa Cole — we dive into the newly revived COLD CASE FILES with exec producer Ari Mark. We talk with Ari at Top of Hour 2; in hour 1 Clarissa leads us through the week’s most riveting True Crime stories.
One of A&E’s most iconic shows, COLD CASE FILES, returns with brand new cases and an updated personality, Thursdays at 10p/9c. The exhumed Cold Case Files explores compelling new cases that have been dormant for years, vividly presenting the original crimes and chronicling the journeys of the detectives who reopen them. The detectives reveal new twists and startling revelations for full viewer immersion into these tragic cases, then, aided by breakthroughs in forensic technology and the influence of social media, solve them, bringing long-awaited closure to the victim’s families and friends.

COLD CASE FILES, “The Night Shift”
premiering May 25 – In May of 1984, Brad Perry had recently returned to his small Utah hometown from his Mormon mission, was going to school, and had just gotten engaged. His family could have never expected that when he left for work one night as a gas station attendant they would never see him alive again. Brad, known as “the peacemaker” in his family, was found tied up, stabbed, and brutally beaten in the storeroom of the gas station. No one could imagine a motive for the crime; who would target a mild-mannered, church-going college kid? Detectives had high hopes that they would catch the killers – they had two strong witnesses who provided a sketch of a man they saw with blood on his hands at the gas station. But the witnesses couldn’t pick him out in a line up, and the case quickly went cold.
Nearly two decades later Brad’s brother, now a police officer, and a new DA who has close ties to the family, decide to look into the case. They team up with a cold case detective and uncover secrets connected to the gas station that could explain why someone had wanted Brad dead. And then new DNA technology helped them place their prime suspect at the scene of the crime.
Ari Mark Cold Case Files
ARI MARK – Exec Producer COLD CASE FILES; Co-Founder/Pres, AMPLE
Ari Mark is the co-founder and president of AMPLE, an independent production studio dedicated to creating distinct high quality scripted, unscripted and branded content for multi-platforms that is substantive and unexpected. Prior to launching AMPLE, Mark was SVP of Original Programming for Xbox Entertainment Studios where he started the digital platform’s ambitious move into television, and executive produced Xbox’s first series Every Street United, as well as Zak Penn’s Atari: Game Over and Greg Barker’s The Thread.
Prior to that, Mark was VP of Original Programming for AMC and was responsible for launching the network’s first push into non-scripted. While there, he developed the network’s most successful series, including Small Town Security, The Pitch, Talking Dead, Comic Book Men and Making The Mob. Ari began his film career by making The Gift and an adaptation of The Metamorphosis for Sundance Channel. During his tenure at Sundance Channel, he was part of the team that developed the hit series Iconoclasts, Architecture School and Peabody winners, Nimrod Nation and Brick City. He also oversaw the network’s feature documentary slate, producing more than 20 films that included Alex Gibney’s Human Behavior Experiments and DA Pennebaker’s War Room Revisited.

May 18, 2017 08:09 PM PDT

On a nightmare-inducing edition of After Hours AM/America’s Most Haunted Radio — with hosts Joel Sturgis and Eric Olsen — we dig into tales dredged up from the darkest corners of the internet by YouTube sensation MrCreepyPasta and gathered into his new THE CREEPYPASTA COLLECTION, VOLUME 2. We speak with MrCreepyPasta Hour 2; Hour 1 Joel and Eric review the week’s most amazing paranormal news and chat amiably. Join us!
Just when you thought you had recovered from THE CREEPYPASTA COLLECTION, YouTube sensation Mr. CreepyPasta returns with a whole new hoard of creepy tales deemed too terrifying for the offline world—until now. THE CREEPYPASTA COLLECTION, VOLUME 2 harvests demented short stories from the darkest corners of the internet for your amusement and terrorization. These stories take root in your mind, haunt your waking life, and come alive in your dreams and nightmares.
You won’t be able to sleep with the light on or off after experiencing the misadventures of the book’s heroes and heroines, who encounter everything from the deeply suspicious to the fully unhinged. With stories that range from haunted paintings, ocean dwellers with a taste for human flesh, eerily calm stalkers, to the iconic “Jeff the Killer” and the panic-inducing “Smiling Dog,” this collection of twenty stories is the perfect gift for Creepypasta fans and horror enthusiasts alike.
Mr. CreepyPasta presents the best of the most terrifying short stories of the web via his 1.2-million-subscriber YouTube Channel, which have been viewed 176 million times (as of May 2017). He has worked with Fox Studios and 1upBox, and been interviewed for Chilling Tales Podcast, Double Toasted, and many college radio stations and papers. He regularly speaks at conventions across the country on horror, comic books, and pop culture.

May 17, 2017 08:03 PM PDT

On a pulse-pounding and highly interactive edition of After Hours AM/The Criminal Code — True Crime with hosts Joel Sturgis, Eric Olsen, and secret weapon, forensic psychologist Dr. Clarissa Cole — we preview this weekend’s IDCON True Crime extravaganza with event emcee and star of Investigation Discovery’s SCENE OF THE CRIME, Tony Harris. We speak with Tony Hour2; In Hour 1, we plow through the week’s most titillating True Crime news.
Investigation Discovery (ID) just announced the final lineup for IDCON, the network’s second annual sold out True Crime extravaganza taking place this Saturday, May 20 at NYC’s iconic Altman Building. TONY HARRIS, Emmy Award-winning journalist and host of ID’s SCENE OF THE CRIME, will emcee the event, guiding attendees through the day’s jam-packed schedule, which includes panels headlined by beloved ID personalities, sneak peeks at upcoming programming, and one-of-a-kind interactive experiences any super sleuth would die — or maybe kill — for.
IDCON’s doors open at 9am with festivities running from 10am-5pm. In addition to the panel lineup, fans will have a day of exclusive access to their favorite ID personalities with two separate meet and greet sessions throughout the day. Additionally, con-goers can explore interactive experiences including the “Liar! Liar! Liar!” polygraph demonstration; “Be an Eyewitness” photo competition game; an “Evidence Board” displaying the facts behind the real-world unsolved murder of Chandra Levy; and an exclusive “Become the Notorious Headline” photo booth.
All $40 ticket proceeds for IDCON will be donated to New York’s Silver Shield Foundation, an organization which provides educational support to families of firefighters and police officers killed in the line of duty.
ID viewers unable to make the trip to New York will be able to watch select panels via the network’s Facebook Live streams, and follow the network’s social handles at Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat for exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage. Attendees are encouraged to share their experience and photos at IDCON on social media using #IDCon2017 with highly-engaged fans winning exclusive giveaways.
Investigative filmmaker Tony Harris ventures deep into small-town America to pull back the curtain on the nefarious players and foreboding places at the center of crimes that happened there. Tony Harris travels into the heartland to hear personal accounts from victims, loved ones, and even the culprits themselves share heart-wrenching, sometimes deeply buried, reactions to the moment their lives turned upside down. His composed and calculated approach allows Harris to peel back the layers on what motivates some of our nation’s most horrific acts of violence.
Scene of the Crime with Tony Harris
Don’t miss the season finale this Sunday 10p/9c, “Abused or Abuser” – In Bridgeport, Conn., young mother Cherelle Baldwin struggles to prove her innocence after she’s charged with murdering her abusive ex-boyfriend with her car; Tony Harris seeks to find out who is the victim and who is the criminal.
Tony Harris is a news anchor, television correspondent, and filmmaker, who most recently served as an anchor at Al Jazeera America. Previously, Harris anchored the flagship Al Jazeera Newshour from the company’s global headquarters in Doha, Qatar becoming the first African-American anchor to be based outside the U.S. for a global news network. Before his current position, Harris anchored CNN Newsroom with Tony Harris for CNN and was a member of the teams that earned CNN George Foster Peabody Awards for coverage of the British petroleum oil spill and Hurricane Katrina, and an Alfred I. duPont Award for coverage of the Southeast Asia tsunami.
IDCON Panel Lineup
Missing from the Headlines with esteemed news journalists including Tamron Hall (DEADLINE CRIME), Chris Hansen (KILLER INSTINCT), Maria Elena Salinas (REAL STORY) and Paula Zahn (ON THE CASE). Moderated by ID’s senior vice president of production, Sara Kozak, this panel digs into the cases that have compelled these journalists to bring these stories to a national platform on ID.
People Magazine Investigates featuring People Magazine’s award-winning slate of crime reporters, including senior editor Alicia Dennis and crime writer Christine Peliseck moderated by executive editor, Dan Wakeford. This panel unpacks the intersection of television and print, and discusses how the magazine chooses which stories to bring to life on ID.
Notorious Headlines delves into the most provocative cases that have captivated our attention, from the Unabomber, O.J. Simpson, Chandra Levy, and Casey Anthony. Moderated by producer and reporter Steph Watts, this panel features personal insight from former FBI profiler Candice DeLong (host, DEADLY WOMEN), legal analyst Beth Karas (AN AMERICAN MURDER MYSTERY specials on CASEY ANTHONY and JONBENET RAMSEY); police sergeant Derrick Levasseur and forensic psychologist Kris Mohandie (commentators, IS O.J. INNOCENT? THE MISSING EVIDENCE), and showrunner Tim McConville (AN AMERICAN MURDER MYSTERY/AN AMERICAN SCANDAL).
The Case That Keeps Me Up at Night Moderated by criminal psychologist Dr. Michelle Ward, this panel unearths the cases that haunt ID’s own crime-solving superheroes and explains how killers leave a wake of destruction in their path for all that encounter the crime. The panel features Rod Demery (MURDER CHOSE ME), Graham Hetrick (THE CORONER: I SPEAK FOR THE DEAD) Joe Kenda (HOMICIDE HUNTER), and Garry McFadden (I AM HOMICIDE).

May 11, 2017 08:01 PM PDT

On a special edition of After Hours AM/America’s Most Haunted Radio — with hosts Joel Sturgis and Eric Olsen — we welcome paranormal royalty, Loyd Auerbach, whose 1986 classic Psychic Dreaming: Dreamworking, Reincarnation, Out-of-Body Experiences and Clairvoyance, has just been reissued in a revised 30th anniversary edition. Loyd will join us in hour 2; Hour 1, Joel and Eric will review the week’s most perplexing and entertaining paranormal news. Join us!
Psychic Dreaming — a 30th anniversary revised edition of the indispensable classic — explores how parapsychology and dreamwork can be combined to boost creativity, improve your decision-making, and heal yourself in body and soul. Renowned parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach shows readers how to identify telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and other psi experiences as they occur through dreams. Discover dream incubation, lucid dreaming, and symbol interpretation to solve problems, relieve stress, confront your fears, and overcome nightmares. Use your dreams to create psychic connections with your loved ones, and explore other points in time and space to create a complete picture of the person you are, the person you have been, and the person you will be in the future.
Loyd Auerbach
Loyd Auerbach is one of the world’s leading experts on psychic experiences and ghosts, and has been investigating and researching the paranormal for over 30 years. Auerbach is Director of the Office of Paranormal Investigations, a group for people to call when they believe they have had a psychic or paranormal disturbance and wish legitimate parapsychological help, and a resource center for Media, business people, scientists, law enforcement agencies, and attorneys.
Loyd has a graduate degree in parapsychology, and has been teaching courses on the subject since 1983. He is a professor at Atlantic and JFK Universities, is on the board of directors of the Rhine Research Center — where also teaches an online course — and is the president of the Forever Family Foundation, supporting research on Life After Death and the work of spirit mediums in the grieving process.
He has authored ten books including the classic ESP, HAUNTINGS AND POLTERGEISTS: A Parapsychologist’s Handbook (1986), which was re-released in 2016; and GHOST HUNTING: How to Investigate the Paranormal (2004). Loyd co-authored 2014’s ESP WARS, EAST AND WEST: An Account of the Military Use of Psychic Espionage as Narrated by the Key Russian and American Players, with program insiders Dr. Edwin C. May, Victor Rubel and Joseph McMoneagle; and co-authored THE GHOST DETECTIVE’S GUIDE TO HAUNTED SAN FRANCISCO with the late renowned psychic Annette Martin (2011.)
His media appearances on TV, radio, and print number in the thousands, including national programs such as Larry King Live, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Stories, Sightings, Unsolved Mysteries, and specials on A&E, History, Travel and Discovery Channels.
And if all of that weren’t enough, Loyd is a professional mentalist and psychic entertainer, performing as Professor Paranormal. He is also a public speaking and media skills coach. As of 2010, he is also a professional chocolatier, producing and selling his chocolate under the business name Haunted By Chocolate.

May 10, 2017 08:04 PM PDT

On a tragic and sobering edition of After Hours AM/The Criminal Code — with hosts Joel Sturgis, Eric Olsen, and secret weapon, forensic psychologist Dr. Clarissa Cole — we peer into the shocking February death of Penn State fraternity pledge Tim Piazza after an alcohol-saturated hazing ritual that has resulted in criminal charges against 18 Beta Theta Pi fraternity members. We talk with journalist Charlie Thompson, who is covering the case for the Patriot-News and PennLive, and author/social critic Caitlin Flanagan, whose article “The Dark Power of Fraternities” in The Atlantic is a classic in the field. Caitlin and Charlie will join us in hour 2; Hour 1, Clarissa will lead us through the week’s most notable True Crime news.
Caitlin Flanagan
Caitlin Flanagan’s 2014 article for THE ATLANTIC, “The Dark Power of Fraternities” is a scabrous and at times hilarious look into the dangers and allure of fraternity life, the contradictions of freedom and conformity, and their seemingly intractable role in American college life. By the way, hazing isn’t close to being the most dangerous frat activity. Flanagan began her magazine-writing career, in 2001 with a series of extended book reviews about the conflicts at the heart of modern domestic life as it is lived by professional-class women. Flanagan quickly established herself as a highly entertaining social critic unafraid to take on self-indulgence and political correctness, and her reviews provide penetrating and witheringly funny observations about the sexes and their discontents.
Her ATLANTIC articles have been named as finalists for the National Magazine Award five times, and her essay “Confessions of a Prep School College Counselor” was included in the 2002 compilation of Best American Magazine Writing. Her work has also been included in Best American Essays 2003 and Best American Magazine Writing 2003. She is the author of the books TO HELL WITH ALL THAT—an exploration, based on her Atlantic articles, of the lives of modern women; and GIRL LAND. Born and raised in Berkeley, California, Flanagan earned a B.A. and an M.A. in Art History from the University of Virginia. She now lives in California, where she spends her time writing and raising twins.
Charles Thompson
Charles “Charlie” Thompson has been a journalist for the PATRIOT-NEWS and PennLive for almost 30 years. Thompson has covered state government for THE PATRIOT since 1999. Prior to that, he had covered various Cumberland County municipalities and school districts. In 2015 Thompson received a William A. Schnader Print Media Award from the Pennsylvania Bar Association for his work related to the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal and Penn State University. Thompson lives in Carlisle with his wife, Beth, and their two children.

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